Struggling in the bedroom? Would some Monkey Glands help? Comedian Bethany Black on the surgical implant business of pre war Europe. Plus! Ever had a worm living inside you? Want it taken out? Look no further than the amazing Worm Doctor, John Gardner- a physician so skilled he removed a worm resembling a small snake from the bowels of a man, 44 round worms, 9 inches each from a  child plus an insect from a young woman's stomach, of caterpillar form: it lived for 7 weeks in a bottle and gnawed through two corks! Historian Caroline Rance on the bizarre life of Worm Doctor, John Gardener. 

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John Gardner:

Serge Voronoff

Bethany Black is a comedian a actor and writer, having appeared in Doctor Who Cucumber Banana and #tofu. managed by @UnitedAgents. @beffernieblack

Caroline Rance is an expert in Quack Doctors through History her latest book is the history of Medicine in 100 facts. 

The Z List Dead List is a podcast about obscure people from History. Created by Iszi Lawrence @iszi_lawrence

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