Who was the richest man who ever lived? Step down into the basement of the Jericho Cafe in Oxford and have a think about how rich one person could ever be... surely you would have heard of him, no? Ahir Shah has the lowdown on the man who was so rich he was personally responsible for crashing an economy. PLUS! Alex Farrow on what connects student parties to nazi Germany. The weird origins of Jaegermeister and how to be a good Billionaire...


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Mansa Musa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musa_I_of_Mali

Sidney Frank https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidney_Frank

Ahir Shah is an award winning comedian http://ahirshah.com @AhirShah

Alex Farrow is a comedy producer and director. Also tells jokes. Co creator of Stand-up History @AlexFaroe

Iszi Lawrence is a comedian and podcasterer and contributer to BBC's Making History adn presenter of The British Museum Membercast. www.iszi.com @iszi_lawrence

The Z List Dead List is a podcast about obscure people from History. Created by Iszi Lawrence.