Is it better to die young or carry on and fizzle out? In this episode Ninja Brian (AKA Brian Wecht) talks about a famous kick ass mathmatician and Michael Legge discusses his favourite angry artist.

Also: What is in the Can? Will it explode?!

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Evariste Galois

Piero Manzoni

With thanks to Brian Wecht @bwecht, Michael Legge @michaellegge and Matthew Bayliss.

Brian Wecht is half of band Ninja Sex Party and host/co-creator of Story Collider Podcast. He is also a theoretchal physicist at Queen Mary University, London.

Michael Legge is a comedian and podcaster. Podcasts include Michael Legge's Private Hell and Do The Right Thing.

Matthew Bayliss is a UK based comedian.

Iszi Lawrence is a comedian and podcaster

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