The first of a brand new series. Please do continue to spread the word and share the podcast with your friends. Or if you hated it, your enemies...

The Z List Dead List is a podcast about obscure people from history. Hosted by Iszi Lawrence @iszi_lawrence.

In this Episode it all goes wrong. For Iszi and for our Z Listers.


Felix Yusupov 

Yang Kyoungjong 

Lancelot Hogben 

With thanks to Richard Herring @herring1967, Simon Watt @SimonDWatt and Mike Milligan @choochsdad.

Richard Herring is podcaster, writer and comedian - you can buy is DVDs and help support his podcasts by buying a badge on

Simon Watt is a Zoologist, science communicator and presenter (Inside Nature's Giants Channel 4 etc) he tours the UK with shows like The Ugly Animal Preservation Society and Frogs and Friends.

Mike Milligan is a comedian and military history lover

Iszi Lawrence is a UK based comedian

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