The Z List Dead List is a monthly live comedy show about obscure characters from history. From the very skeptical to the downright bizarre, find out about the creative minds, bloody murders and amazing discoveries that have been left to get dusty in the pages of unfashionable history books. No longer will these people be consigned to oblivion! Each month a different selection of four comedians, bloggers, historians, scientists and podcasters champion a forgotten historical figure. The lucky Z list 'celeb' chosen by the audience will have the show date named as their very own Z List Dead List Official Unofficial Day Of Remembrance. Expect sex, death, swearing, giggles, horror and mispronunciation... all at tea time!



100 Camden High Street

2nd Sunday of the Month

SHOW 6.30pm (6pm Doors Open (Show ends 8.30pm))

Tickets £5.00 on the door or online here.

Please note there is no show in January 2015. 

There are other gigs scheduled outside of the regular show - find out on the BUY TICKETS Page